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Marine Renewable Energy Handbook

le 23 janvier 2013

Marine renewable energy is a significant resource for generating electricity, and if some conversion technologies have already reached a certain level of maturity, others are emerging.


The originality of this multidisciplinary book is to offer a broad spectrum of knowledge from academic and industry experts of various origins. It deals with general aspects such as the specificities and constraints of the marine environment, the concepts of hydrodynamics and ocean engineering, as well as the industrial and economic sides necessary for the assembly of projects. It also discusses conversion technologies such as offshore wind, tidal power plants, tidal stream turbines, wave energy converters and ocean thermal energy plants. Finally, two chapters are devoted to power electronic conversion and power transmission cables. Bernard Multon is Full Professor at the Brittany site of ENS de Cachan (Ker Lann Campus in the south of Rennes). He teaches electrical engineering in the Mechatronics Department and conducts his research in the SETE team of the SATIE-CNRS laboratory on electromechanical chain sizing and new electrical energy conversion systems (wave energy, photovoltaic, wind and human power) with energy storage.

Publication : Décembre 2011 ISBN: 9781848213326 En savoir plus :

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Bernard Multon

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