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Maximum Power Limits in the Field-Weakening Mode odf Doubly-Salient Variable Reluctance Machines

Industrial Electronics Society, 2000. IECON 2000. 26th Annual Conference of the IEEE 2000

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This article is aimed at determining operation possibilities in the field-weakening mode of doubly-salient variable reluctance motors (DSVRM).

Firstly, the field-weakening mode of operation is presented by the adoption of piecewise model and the results are then used to study the effects of the structural combination of the DSVRM by the experimented models and a two-dimensional finite elements computation. The effect of the rotor pole arc on the flux-weakening region is experimentally tested by the realization of two new rotors and by the implementation of a command and control strategy based on a digital signal processing. Experimental results on a four-phase machine show limitations without the coupling model of DSVRM
H. Yahia, R. Dhifaoui, B. Multon
Recherche - Valorisation
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22 octobre 2000

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